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WAS £730.00 NOW £365.00

GARLAND OF SEASONS - A white straw boater trimmed with a garland of all the seasons. Starting with handmade cherry blossoms to represent spring, strawberries for the heat of summer, autumnal oak leaves and finishing with snow covered branches, crystals and snowflakes. Hand blocked and hand made with love. This is a complete one off piece that will fit the head size of 22.5 inches in circumference.

GARLAND OF SEASONS  - is handmade, here in Maidstone, Kent, England, U.K.

Size - O/S (Each hat body has been blocked on a 22.5" (inch) block, the average head size of a woman)

Attach to head with a black hat elastic and hair comb.

Recommended hairstyle - wear hair up or down

For further information and care, please email JulianGarnerHeadwear@yahoo.com or refer to the information page on the website. Thank you.

For more details please get in touch and I shall repsond to you as quickly as posisble.